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1 Place du 11 Novembre 37290 YZEURES SUR CREUSE
  +33(0)2 47 91 49 00
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La Roche Posay

The Relais de la Mothe hotel and restaurant, an ideal stopover 4km far from La Roche-Posay.

Settled in the heart of the historical village of Yzeures-sur-Creuse, the Relais de la Mothe is located at the crossroads of Poitou, Brenne and Touraine, and near from La Roche Posay, city of water with an authentic charm, located between Futuroscope, and Loire’s castles. Spa town specialized in skin disease treatment, La Roche-Posay is also a charming little city with vestiges of its medieval past such as its keep and its machicolation door. You will discover an unexpected heritage and a « Belle époque » atmosphere, characteristic of the thermal architecture. The banks of the Creuse and the leisure area are a perfect place to have a picnic under the big oaks, such as the baths’s garden.

The spa city also offers a lot of activities for visitors and spa clients… Such as an afternoon at the Gatinière Hippodrome or at the golf, an evening at the Casino, or a relaxation moment at the SPA…

There is plenty of activities ideas around the hotel, we will be pleased to give you advices to guide you in your discovery with all our partners.

See you soon !

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La Roche Posay

Come to discover the benefits of our thermal water and the expertise of our dermal beauty-therapist, for an experiment that will provide you a real well-being moment.

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Partouche Casino La Roche Posay

In the mood for a show ? Book a Cabaret Evening during a gastronomical dinner at the Partouche Casino of La Roche-Posay, staying at the Relais de la Mothe.

Or during day time, comme to play to the various slot-machine, black-jack or roulette…

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La Roche-Posay hippodrome

From June to September, the hippodrome of La Roche-Posay organizes various races. Each race is associated to its discipline.  

For the inexperienced people but also for the enthusiasts, it would be a good day for sure.

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The Prehistorical Museum of Grand Pressigny

Come to this museum, it is a way to discover an entire part of prehistory.

Far from the clichés, the rich collection of the museum covers social, technic and economical aspects of prehistory, with a particular attention on the Grand-Pressigny flints, that made the area famous in the archeological field.

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Brenne Natural and Regional parc

1001 ponds country

The Brenne Natural and Regional parc was born on December, 22 of 1989, from the strong motivation of the locals, wanting to react against the devitalization of their lands.

Ornithological parc where you can see various kinds of birds. A lot of activities are organized to help children discovering fauna and flora.

For nature lovers, various hikes are possible, by foot, biking or horse-riding.

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Azay-le-Ferron castle

The Azay-le-Ferron castle, with a rich architecture from XVth to XVIIIth centuries, is a real time travel machine, that will take you through the different artistic eras. You will pass through 15 sumptuously furnished rooms, in which the Hersent Luzarche family used to live since 1852, before they let the domain to the city of Tours in 1951.

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La Haute Touche Reserve

In the heart of a 436 hectares domain, the Haute Touche reserve host more tant 1 300 animals from 120 species such as herbivores (deers, antelopes, ibexes, mouflon) - carnivores (wolves, tigers, lynx, and dholes) - primates (lemurs, baboons…) and birds (curly pelicans, ibis, flamingoes…).

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Angles sur Anglin - remarkable village

The Roc-aux-Sorciers (witcher’s rock) is an under rock shelter that was occupied during the Magdalenian period, 15 000 years ago. It is located into Vienne, 1,5 kms away from Angles-sur-L’Anglin, ranked most beautiful France’s village.

Large parietal sculptures all around this place made its reputation.

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Saint Savin Abbey

This poitevine abbatial church impress with its murals requested by Benedictines monks. During XIXth century, thanks to Proper Mérimée’s initiative, various monuments from XIth and XIIth centuries were saved. A lot of work and restoration were made to save the paintings. The church, ranked in 1840 amongst historical monuments to be protected, is still drawing attention to restorers.

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